Advantages to choose the ESI La Vattay Nordic Ski School

Our ambition : To make your stay as an unforgettable expérience and sharing with you our passion  for the mountains.

  • International board sports school Philosophy La Vattay

    Today,more than 95 ski schools in France, Italie ans Switzerland are grouped in ESI to guarantee : 

    • Warm and quality welcome.
    • Professionalism services offered.
    • Dynamism and constant innovation.
    • To receive an education in ski teachuing method.
    • To be supervised by professional instructeur.      
    • To be assessed according to the official ESI test grid.
    • Education provided in french and other languages (English, German, Italian, Spanish...),
    • Lessons are limited to a maximum of 12 students by instructor, allowing adapted pedagogy for better progression.

    Tests progess organized in ESI are recognized in all ski schools, whether or not affiliated to our union. The tests are organized every week, in our structures : They will allow to follow your progress or your children way.

  • Our advices

    The weather changes quickly in the mountains, good equipment is essential ... So plan :

    • Tights,
    • Under sweater,
    • Sweater or fleece,
    • Jacket, pants or overalls in correct size of the child (large enough to cover ankles and wrists well),
    • Sunglasses or ski mask in case of snow or rain,
    • Gloves or mittens,
    • Helmet (even if it's hot),
    • Neck protector,
    • Sun cream...

    Check if your children feel comfortable in their ski boots : Do not hésitate to adjust them well and close them at home to test before going on the slopes. 

    Don't forget that it's a nature sports activity, in the mountains and most of time in cold weather. The child must therefore have slept enough, and must have eaten before lessons. 

  • Frequently asked questions

    I'd like to take a cross-country skiing lesson? 
    To book a cross-country ski lesson with the ESI la Vattay Nordic ski school, you can call or text 0611232373, or send an e-mail to You can also book your cross-country skiing lesson via our online sales service.

    At what age can I start cross-country skiing?
    With the ESI la Vattay Nordic ski school, you can start cross-country skiing from the age of 3.

    What's the difference between downhill and cross-country skiing?
    Downhill skiing is done with the help of ski lifts, and you can practice at the Faucille site with our colleagues from ESI la Faucille-Mijoux. Cross-country skiing is practiced on all types of terrain with light equipment in skating style, or in classic style on the Vattay Nordic area.

    Where can I go cross-country skiing?
    At the La Vattay Nordic area.

    Are cross-country ski lessons reimbursed if there's no snow?
    With the ESI Nordic ski school at La Vattay, 90% of cross-country ski lessons are reimbursed. The remaining 10% is for administrative costs, as indicated in our General Terms and Conditions. 
    It is always possible to postpone cross-country skiing lessons until later in the season.

    I'm a beginner, what style of cross-country skiing should I start with?

    For your first experience of cross-country skiing, we advise you to choose the classic style, which is similar to walking.

    What equipment do I need for cross-country skiing?
    The cross-country skiing course only includes supervision, so you need to bring the right equipment: skis + boots + poles.

    What should I wear when cross-country skiing?
    Cross-country skiing gets hot very quickly, so make sure you wear breathable, thin clothing. Don't forget to bring a water bottle.

    Are there cross-country skiing lessons every day?

    Yes, the ESI la Vattay Nordic ski school team is on hand every day from 8.30am to 5pm.